Welcome to Fragoso Chiropractic

Fragoso Chiropractic offers comprehensive and personal care for the entire family. Our main goal is to help people attain their health potential by integrating the traditional principles of chiropractic with the most innovative treatment techniques available. We believe that true health is more than just living pain free, it’s about becoming “Active For Life”, having the ability to do what you want with the life you live.
We strive to identify and correct the root cause of health problems, rather than simply masking the symptoms that arise. We also believe that education and active care are an essential part of rehabilitation and recovery. The more knowledge you have as a patient, the more equipped you will be to take steps toward decreasing recovery time, overcoming injury, and preventing re-injury in the future.

Fragoso Chiropractic offers a variety of treatment therapies including spinal and extremity adjustments, adjunctive physiotherapy modalities (ultrasound, muscle stimulation, etc.), stretching and strengthening protocols, dry hydrotherapy, Kinesio taping ®, Trigger Point Therapy and is a formerly certified provider of Active Release Techniques ® (ART).

Dr. John Fragoso is looking forward to meeting the health care needs of you and your family.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office by calling (530) 891-9010.

2866 Esplanade Chico CA. 95973